Kyle Harper

Melanie Mitchell

Resident Faculty



Peter Swirski

Tristan Duke


Carolyn Porco

Sr. Research Scientist, Space Center Institute

Brandon Ogbunu

Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale

Sara Walker

Associate Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU

Caleb Scharf

Director of Astrobiology, Columbia University

Ashton Eaton

Retired Decathlete and Two-time Olympic Champion

James Gleick


Caitlin McShea

Director: Interplanetary Project

Jorge Almazán


Ruvimbo Samanga

Dario Robleto

David Krakauer

SFI President and Miller Professor of Complex Systems

John Krakauer

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Jessica Flack

SFI Professor and C4 Director

Chris Kempes

SFI Professor