The InterPlanetary Festival is an annual event that combines an exploration of complexity science and technological innovation with a summer festival full of music, film, art, food, drinks, and more. The InterPlanetary Festival is completely conceived, curated, and executed by the Santa Fe Institute, whose science acts as the fuel and inspiration for the festival’s many facets.

Each year InterPlanetary compiles all manner of scientists, sci-fi authors, business leaders, artists, etc., to create an interesting and engaging lineup of panels, all revolving around the fundamental systems and questions of our existence as a species, both on Earth and beyond. These conversations are punctuated by concerts, film screenings, keynote presentations, art performances, and live podcast recordings — all taking place in Santa Fe’s Railyard Park area over the course of eight weekends.

Join us for the 3rd InterPlanetary Festival July 2nd to August 22nd! Check out the current Event Calendar — and check back for updates!

InterPlanetary 2020 has officially been canceled due to concerns around the COVID-19 epidemic. We look forward to gathering with you all again, when it’s safe to do so.