Transmitting live once again October 22nd and 23rd, 2022 at SITE Santa Fe!  This year’s more intimate setting means limited seating, but the content will be streamed so that anyone  on earth (and beyond!) can tune-in and engage with our cosmic content.

SFI researchers and invited InterPlanetary intellectuals will explore deep questions in complexity science while also enjoying classic science fiction film screenings, book signings, experimental musical performances, keynote lectures, bespoke beverages, and a late night, dark matter dance party.  

The InterPlanetary Festival is an annual event that combines an exploration of complexity science and technological innovation with a summer festival full of music, film, art, food, drinks, and more. The InterPlanetary Festival is completely conceived, curated, and executed by the Santa Fe Institute, whose science acts as the fuel and inspiration for the festival’s many facets.

Each year InterPlanetary compiles all manner of scientists, sci-fi authors, business leaders, artists, etc., to create an interesting and engaging lineup of panels, all revolving around the fundamental systems and questions of our existence as a species, both on Earth and beyond. These conversations are punctuated by concerts, film screenings, keynote presentations, and art performances.