Music Technology Innovator

Chagall is a Dutch electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer & music technology innovator. She creates audio-visual live performances that reimagine the world of live electronica, visuals arts, choreography and storytelling, supported by the latest sensor technology that she and her team developed in collaboration with several tech companies. With these new motion-based controller technologies, she uses the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals in real-time.

The aim of Chagall’s work is to humanise the digital and to create experiences that have an emotional impact that is as strong as music made with traditional instruments. At the same time, she shows that technology is not just a gadget but a driver for artistic possibilities and the birth of a new art form of which the boundaries of creativity are yet unknown.

Chagall’s live performance evolves around a musical core but is the result of a collaboration between her, designers, programmers and dancers, combining various artistic disciplines to create a mesmerising experience that transcends the traditional definition of a ‘gig’.