The InterPlanetary Festival would not be possible without the generous support and funding by our Key Sponsors, the Santa Fe Institute’s Miller Omega Program, and Jennifer and Bryan Murphy. In addition, InterPlanetary works with many Community Partners who help contribute to the success of the festival in a variety of ways.

The Miller Omega Program

The Miller Omega Program (Mu Omega Pi) supports projects, individuals, and events at SFI that aspire to explore the frontiers of our understanding of the complex universe. The Miller Omega Program was created to support deep thinking in areas that are untested, unproven, involve considerable uncertainty in their outcomes, and if they should prove correct, could lead to a significant transformation in our understanding of complex phenomena.

The Mu Omega Pi will support individuals who propose daring new ideas, syntheses, and applications irrespective of field. It will also support events that bring together orthogonal modes of thinking (philosophy, literature and science), as well as prizes and awards for outstanding contributions to complexity science.

The Miller Omega Program is run according to a set of values considered by the donor, Bill Miller, in discussion with the SFI President, David Krakauer, to ensure the most effective execution of the program in relation to the SFI core mission and donor intent.


Jennifer and Bryan Murphy

Private donors who have generously supported InterPlanetary since its inception. For the 2020 festival, Jennifer and Bryan are supporting a full-week of programming to close out the summer by sponsoring Planetary Policy, Law, and Regulation week.