InterPlanetary MISSION: Ā Changing the world one planet at time.

The InterPlanetary Project seeks to engage with the pressing problems of today by imaginingĀ the challenges of tomorrow. Mark Twain wrote, ā€œYou canā€™t depend on your eyes when yourĀ imagination is out of focus.ā€ InterPlanetary seeks to restore focus at a planetary scale.Ā What terrestrial challenge could provide greater focus than nourishing and uniting theĀ peoples of the Earth to explore extrasolar planets? And what great solutions might weĀ find by searching beyond the confines of our earthly troubles?

To search through outer spaceĀ we shall need to rise above our inner spaces, and face the gravest challenges of our time ā€” fromĀ reducing disease and economic inequality, to managing finite resources and surviving war ā€” to take all necessary steps towards a larger, shared goal: an understanding of lifeā€™s placeĀ in the universe. Confronting the challenges of space requires braving andĀ solving the complexities of life.

SFI MISSION: Ā Searching for order in the complexity of evolving worlds.

Santa Fe Institute researchers endeavorĀ to understand and unify the underlying,Ā sharedĀ patterns in complex physical, biological, social, cultural, technological,Ā and even possible astrobiological, worlds. Our global research network of scholarsĀ spans borders, departments, and disciplines, unifying curious minds steeped inĀ rigorous logical, mathematical, and computational reasoning. As we reveal theĀ unseen mechanisms and processes that shape these evolving worlds, we seek toĀ use this understanding to promote the well-being of humankindĀ and life on earth.