David Stout

Visual Artist, Composer, and Performer

David Stout (MFA – California Institute of the Arts) is a visual artist, composer and performer exploring hybrid approaches bridging the arts, design and technology. He is a recipient of international awards and recognition for works that include live-cinema performance, interactive video installation, electro-acoustic music and immersive theatrical events that integrate emerging technologies and multi-screen projection as an extension of performer, audience and architecture.

Since 2002 he has worked closely with creative partner, Cory Metcalf to examine the aesthetic possibilities for evolutionary generative systems, artificial life networks and simulation environments. The pair, who began their seminal collaboration in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are renown as founding members of the critically acclaimed interactive media ensemble, NoiseFold. NoiseFold’s installations and performances have been exhibited in diverse art, music and science venues worldwide, from Casablanca, Morocco to Marfa, Texas. NoiseFold continue to evolve in new directions and are currently working on projects in visual music, data visualization, virtual reality and glassmaking.

Stout previously founded the MOV-iN Gallery and the Installation, Performance & Interactivity project (IPI) at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. He is currently founder and director of the Hybrid Arts Laboratory at the University of North Texas, where he coordinates the Initiative for Advance Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA) and holds joint positions in the Division of Composition Studies and Studio Art / New Media.