The Podcast Stage is located inside of the Innovations and Ideas Expo tent. Here, science podcasters will be recording episodes live from the InterPlanetary Festival, featuring Festival panelists. Please take a seat here to be a part of IP Fest's audio history!

Polar bears are on the front lines of climate change: the arctic is melting and they are threatened with extinction within a few decades. We made “Long View” to inspire people to join the conversation. A 35-foot tall polar bear made from car hoods serves as a symbol for the connection between carbon footprint and habitat loss. The artwork itself is an event. The importance of an idea like reducing emissions is conveyed by the sculpture’s monumental dimensions. It is something to see, something to think about, something to gather people together. We believe that all life on the planet is interconnected. Whether through spiritual contemplation or through scientific observation, many people around the globe share this belief. It is time for these people to come together to create a new paradigm. “Long View” delivers a rallying cry. Whatever affects polar bears affects us all. The car hoods encode the past and bring it to the future. We collect this material to tell a story. We take these markers representing a set of values and we use them to tell a story about a different set of values and possibly, a different future. “Long View” is a term used to describe polar bear behavior in the wild. Polar bears stand up to look far into the distance, into the future. We believe animals have a message. The polar bear’s message to us is to take the long view. We made this artwork so people can hear the polar bear’s message and become her ally.

Imagine that you found Flash Gordon’s rocket in an arroyo and cleaned it up a little. I’ve wanted to build a rocket since . . . well, since forever. I built a hang glider and learned to fly it when I was 15 without ever having seen one in person. The incredible rush of foot-launching a hang glider made of surplus aluminum with black plastic duct-taped on is pretty close to what you might get from your own personal rocket. This project harkens back to the years immediately following World War II when just about everything seemed possible, children’s books were full of crazy crap like Mom and the kids running around on the Moon in space suits, and guys were building airplanes and gyrocopters from plans in the garage. —Bob Davis, artist

Thomas Ashcraft is a naturalist, artisan and scientific instrument builder and over time has established an important niche laboratory in the Rio Grande research corridor. He is also one of the most prolific videographers in the world today. Using a homebuilt array of specially modified cameras merged with optical and radio telescopes Ashcraft captures and records rarely witnessed natural phenomena with high detail.

The InterPlanetary Festival's Innovations & Ideas Expo is a chance for you to explore and interact with cutting edge technologies and demonstrations from some of the countries finest companies and educational facilities. This year's Expo features booths by MAKE Santa Fe, Los Alamos National Labs, University of New Mexico's "Swarmathon", and many more. You can also find our Podcast Stage here!

50 Mt Carmel Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505 - Near St. John's College Location for NMPAS presents "Music of the Spheres."

Whether you're hungry for a meal, thirsty for a refreshing drink, or looking for something sweet, the InterPlanetary Food Court has whatever you're looking for. This year's vendors include Santa Famous Street Eatz, Taquerias Gracias Madre, Bang Bite Filling Station, Freezie Fresh, and Patrick's Soda.

The "Area 21" Beer Garden features a variety of alcoholic beverages from New Mexican breweries Second Street and Sierra Blanca. Though beer is the main feature, including a special InterPlanetary brew created by Second Street, wine and cider will also be available.

Friday: 6:30PM - 9:00PM  |  Saturday: Noon - 9:30PM  |  Sunday: Noon - 7:30PM

The SFI Press Tent, located just outside the entrance to the SITE Auditorium, will house the Santa Fe Institute's Press, as well as host all book signings with authors involved in Main Stage Panels.

Chill out on the open Railyard Lawn under an umbrella, grab a non-alcoholic drink at a vendor tent, and enjoy your direct view of the InterPlanetary Main Stage programming!

Railyard Municipal Garage 503 Camino de la Familia Santa Fe, NM 87501

El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Hispano arts, culture and traditions of Northern New Mexico organized as a Center of Hispanic Culture and Learning. As much an educational and community gathering space as a museum, the Santa Fe Cultural Museum celebrates Santa Fe’s—and New Mexico’s—rich Hispanic heritage by presenting a wide range of events, from children’s theater, to musical concerts, to a great Dia de Los Muertos celebration at the beginning of November. For three weeks each year, El Museo is home to CURRENTS New Media, an annual, citywide event. CURRENTS brings together the work of established and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the World, for events showcasing interactive and non-interactive installations, multimedia performances, VR and AR environments, single channel video, animation, experimental documentary, web based/app art forms, robotics and 3D printing. In addition, CURRENTS will be hosting the Official InterPlanetary Afterparty, with free admission Saturday, June 15th from 10:00 pm - 12:00 am. Enjoy the art, live music, and keep the party going!