“Long View” Polar Bear

Polar bears are on the front lines of climate change: the arctic is melting and they are threatened with extinction within a few decades.

We made “Long View” to inspire people to join the conversation. A 35-foot tall polar bear made from car hoods serves as a symbol for the connection between carbon footprint and habitat loss. The artwork itself is an event. The importance of an idea like reducing emissions is conveyed by the sculpture’s monumental dimensions. It is something to see, something to think about, something to gather people together.

We believe that all life on the planet is interconnected. Whether through spiritual contemplation or through scientific observation, many people around the globe share this belief. It is time for these people to come together to create a new paradigm. “Long View” delivers a rallying cry. Whatever affects polar bears affects us all.

The car hoods encode the past and bring it to the future. We collect this material to tell a story. We take these markers representing a set of values and we use them to tell a story about a different set of values and possibly, a different future.

“Long View” is a term used to describe polar bear behavior in the wild. Polar bears stand up to look far into the distance, into the future. We believe animals have a message. The polar bear’s message to us is to take the long view. We made this artwork so people can hear the polar bear’s message and become her ally.