Tone Ranger


Tone Ranger (AKA Alex Simon) makes dance music that embodies the magnetic and supernatural beauty of the American Southwest. Blending deep house rhythms with ethereal instrumentation (lap steel, harmonica, whistling, voice), he has earned a reputation as one of the region’s most original and sought-after live electronic acts. Performances have often been described as heart-opening, seamlessly moving from ecstatic peaks to grounding sonic valleys. In August, he released his debut EP with Jumpsuit Records, and has since opened for international acts like Quantic and Dirtwire. His next EP, On the Horizon, is set to release on March 5, 2019 followed by a Southwest tour.

Simon is inspired primarily by the American landscape and the stories embedded in it. Though stunningly beautiful on the surface, he understands that underneath there is a deep cry amongst most of us for healing. Crafted by the exposure to natural elements, a sense of wonder, and that connection you can only find on the dance floor, the music of Tone Ranger exists as a prayer that we move forward and heal together.