Nova Spivack

Nova Spivack is a technology entrepreneur, investor, innovator and futurist with a career spanning more than two decades of industry-leading breakthroughs. He has helped to build dozens of ventures and nearly 100 patents, collectively generating billions of dollars in market value, including multiple IPOs, and acquisitions by Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Disney, and others.

Nova is ranked among the Top 20 Futurists worldwide and as a Top LA Power Player in Technology. He has advised governments, presidential campaigns, Fortune 10 global corporations, leading consumer brands, venture funds, incubators, and tech startups.

Spivack is also the Founder & CEO of Magical, a science and technology venture studio based in Los Angeles, where he works as a venture producer, to fund and incubate breakthrough companies.

One of the early space tourists and space entrepreneurs, he has had a long interest in helping to facilitate the growth of a spacefaring civilization.

He flew to the edge of space in 1999, and did zero-gravity training, with Peter Diamandis and Richard Garriott, with the Russian Air Force and the Russian Space Agency.

He is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Arch Mission Foundation, which is building a solar-system scale backup of Earth. The AMF successfully launched the first permanent library in space, on February 6, 2018, as the secret payload of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy test launch. In April of 2019, the AMF landed its 30 million page Lunar Library on the Moon, containing the Wikipedia, and many other data sets.

Nova earned an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, from Oberlin College. During college he also participated in summer research at the MIT Computer Science Department. He received a graduate-level professional degree in Space Life Sciences from The International Space University in 1992.

Nova is the eldest grandson of the management guru, Peter Drucker. Nova is married to television producer and writer, Kimberly Rubin Spivack, and has a daughter, Sky.