Marcelline Mandeng


Marcelline is a Cameroonian-born artist based in Philadelphia using their body as a primary medium and subject alongside video, sound, and sculpture to create ephemeral and surreal installation artworks.

Situated within the marriages of protest, autonomous props and the infinite ways we mine and preserve history in both analog and digital forms, their choreographed performances question the socio-political landscape that informs the experiences of a newly naturalized citizen. They explore how living in America as a black trans femme with indigeneity tied to the Motherland is an existence at the intersections of diasporic Blackness, gender non-conformity and difference.

Within every action is a demand for autonomy; documenting their journey to selfhood as a form of myth building by using their spiritual practice as a basis for healing and self care.

They received their BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015 and have exhibited works at Macao Milano in Milan, Italy; Mercer Union in Toronto, Canada; Company Gallery in Manhattan, No Nations Art Gallery in Chicago, NADA at Art Basel Miami, and MoMA Ps1, among others. Recently, they were cast as a lead actress in a feature length independent film titled What Color is Blue? by Carman Spoto.