Given that we cannot convene to discuss the complexities of life on earth, life beyond earth, and the systems we’d bring with us, adapt, or discard, we’d like to share some relevant conversations and seminars here. You didn’t think SFI just stopped exploring, did you?

Seminal Role of Social Networks and Cities in Pandemics, Innovation & Sustainability - with Geoffrey West

Privacy in Census Data: Math Meets Policy - with Moon Duchin

Time Scales and Tradeoffs - with David Krakauer, Jack DeGioia, Raissa D'Souza, Peter Schlosser & Dan Schrag

Modeling the Multi-Dimensionality of Reparations for Mass Human Rights Violations - with Kathy Powers

Future Pitfalls and Promises of Safety in Autonomous Systems - with Missy Cummings

Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience - with Rajiv Sethi, Divya Siddarth & E Glen Well