Day 1: Thursday, June 7

12:20–12:40 Opening remarks
David Krakauer

12:50–1:20 Panel: Sandboxes to Think and Play With
Shawn Douglas & Chaim Gingold 

1:35–2:10 Concert: The Illegal Aliens

1:45–2:15 Presentation: Earth Primer creator Chaim Gingold  

2:30–3:00 Panel: Autonomous Ecosystems
Jen Dunne, Kate Greene, Mark Nelson, & David Stout 

3:00–3:45 Presentation: Molly Lavik of Arch Mission

3:15–3:45 Panel: Planetary Policy & Regulation
Linda Sheehan & Jeff Ubois

4:00–4:50 Concert: DJ Tomas O’Halloran

4:00–5:00 Presentation: A WISC Fellow’s Presentation
Shay Youngblood

5:10–5:40 Panel: Time Design
Stefani Crabtree, Martine Rothblatt, & Van Savage

5:45-6:20 Book signing: Martine Rothblatt
Virtually Human: The Promise—and the Peril—of
Digital Immortality 

5:55–6:25 Panel: Motion & Energy Technology
Neal Stephenson, Brendan Tracey, & Pete Worden

6:00–8:10 Screening: Forbidden Planet  (ticket required)
Introduced by Jonah Nolan. Jean Cocteau

6:30-7:05 Book signing: Neal Stephenson
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
and Seveneves

6:35–7:05 Keynote: Pete Worden
The Search for Life in the Universe 

7:00–9:40 Screening: The Fifth Element (ticket required)
Introduced by Scott Ross. Violet Crown

7:05–8:00 Concert: The Sticky

8:30–10:00 Concert: Ozomatli
Co-presented by SFI and AMP Concerts


Day 2: Friday, June 8

11:00a–11:30 Panel: Living in Space
Haym Benaroya, Ashton Eaton, Brian Ferguson,
& Nina Lanza

11:45–12:30p Concert: Michael Garfield

12:00-1:00 Panel: Future Evolution of the Brain-Body on
Earth & Space
Stephen Auger, Mikey Sklar, & Benjamin Smarr 

12:45–1:15 Panel: Origins of Life In Space 
Chris Kempes & Caleb Scharf

1:30–2:00 Panel: Intelligent Systems
Vanessa Ferdinand, David Krakauer, Jonah Nolan,
Graham Spencer, & Kurt Squire

2:00–5:00 Screening: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
(ticket required) Jean Cocteau 

2:15–3:15 Concert: Rob Schwimmer
Theremin/The Incredible Haken Continuum

2:15–3:00 Presentation: Lunar Bases: Past & Future
Haym Benaroya

3:00–3:30 Book signing: Haym Benaroya
Building Habitats on the Moon

3:30–4:00 Panel: Social & Economic Engineering
Cory Doctorow, Jessica Flack, Robert Gehorsam,
& D.A. Wallach

3:30–4:15 Presentation: The Future of Human Exploration on Mars Zachary Gallegos

4:00–4:30 Book Signing: Cory Doctorow
and Information Doesn’t Want to be Free

4:15–4:45 Panel: Visualization & Designing the Impossible
Seamus Blackley, Doug Church, Scott Ross, 
& Sasha Samochina 

5:00–5:30 Presentation: A Virtual Journey to Mission:ISS
Daisy Leak of Magnopus

5:45–6:15 Panel: The End of the World?
Armin Ellis, Annalee Newitz, & Lauren Oliver

6:00–12:00a Opening Night of CURRENTS New Media
El Museo Cultural

6:00–7:00 LASER talk by BioCultura
Richard Lowenberg & Agnes Chavez  Evoke Gallery

6:00–6:45 Presentation: Lecture by Space Advisor to the
Floating Islands Project
Gabriel Rothblatt

6:15–6:45 Book signing: Annalee Newitz
and Scatter, Adapt, & Remember:
How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction

6:30–7:00 Closing Remarks: Imagining the InterPlanetary

7:15–8:00 Concert: JiHAE

8:00–11:00 Screening: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (tickets required) Introduced by Scott Ross. Violet Crown

8:30–10:30 Concert: Max Cooper 
Co-presented by SFI and Meow Wolf




All Day Thursday & Friday

Cosmodity Market

Meet Luna City Installation

Chaz John’s First Indian on the Moon

MAKE Santa Fe Orrery

Future Shock exhibition SITE Santa Fe (FREE on Friday)

Bob Davis’s Niner Echo Xray Rocket

Cosmos – A group Exhibition at photo-eye gallery

Inner Orbit at form & concept gallery




Innovations & Ideas Expo 12:00–7:00 daily

Arch Mission

Archiving humanity’s most important information across time & space

Awairness: One Nova

Demo: Cosmological journey of the origins of life 

Axle Contemporary

Showcasing Stephen Auger’s IRIS installation

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

Demo of a wellness device to
improve circulation in zero gravity

Biosphere 2

Special screening

Bradbury Science Museum

Hands-on science demonstrations, including LANL’s solar death ray

CENTER (evening only)

Conjured Futures Showcase:
Projected Photographs

CyberHero League

Demo of a globally sustainable game for change


Table-top activities for discovery & lifelong STEAM learning

Feynman Van

Richard Feynman’s restored 1974 Dodge Tradesman

Fractal Foundation

Hands-on “fractivities” for artists
of all ages

Magnopus: Mission:ISS

Virtual reality tour of the
International Space Station

MAKE Santa Fe

3-D printing, high-powered rocketry, & laser cutting

Pajarito Environmental
Education Center

Hands-on kid-friendly activities


Demo of emergency evacuation optimization & live Railyard modeling

Tamarind Institute

Digital lithography

United Therapeutics

Biotechnology & Creativity

UNM Swarmathon

Demo & hands-on play with
autonomous robotics systems