Free Admission to Future Shock

SITE Santa Fe

June 8th, 2018 from 11:00am to 7:30pm

Enjoy FREE admission to SITE Santa Fe’s Future Shock Exhibition:

SITE Santa Fe’s grand re-opening exhibition, Future Shock examines our dynamic and decisive moment in global history and looks to the challenges and possibilities of the future. Future Shock is a large-scale exhibition of works by international artists that articulates the profound impact of the acceleration of technological, social, and structural change upon contemporary life. Future Shock takes its title from Alvin Toffler’s prophetic 1970’s book, in which he describes the exhilaration and consequences of our rapidly advancing world. With Toffler’s predictions and warnings as a backdrop, Future Shock will bring together the work of ten artists whose works imagine a range of visions of our present and future.

The exhibition is comprised of works by 12 international artists, including Dario Robleto, artist in residence at SETI, who is also participating in the Art and Imagined Futures Interplanetary panel. Enjoy his Setlists for the Setting Sun (The Crystal Palace), and Will the Sun Remember at All. Pop into the learning lab to watch the collaborative creation of a time capsule, buried in May, by the Dario, Joanne LeFrak and students from New Mexico School of Arts students.

Life Support Systems at Stake in this exhibition: Complex Time Design, Social and Economic Engineering, Autonomous Ecosystems, Motion and Energy Technology, Art and Imagined Futures.