Cosmodity Market

Come peruse the InterPlanetary Cosmodity Market for all manner of out-of-this-world wares. Located along the Ramada Walk adjacent to our Food Truck Court, the Cosmodity Market is the perfect opportunity to pick up a trinket (or three)! This year's Cosmodity Market features vendors including: Cheryl Art Casden - Original artworks and wears by Cheryl Casden […]

Meet Luna City

Meet Luna City is an immersive experience that brings its audience face to face with people who live on the Moon in the year 2175. Through this dialogue, the audience explores a rich reality of humans in space and the challenges of forming habitat and society beyond the Earth. In the framing fiction of Meet […]

Refueling Station (Food and Drink)

Check out the Food Truck Lot for tasty treats all throughout this year's InterPlanetary Festival! Participants include: Bang Bite Filling Station Freezie Fresh – Everyone loves ice cream, but there are more ways to enjoy this sweet treat besides the traditional scoop and cone. Thai rolled ice cream — named after the distinctive rolled shape of the […]

Afterparty at CURRENTS

Keep the party going after Itchy-O's set ends by joining SFI at El Museo Cultural for the Official InterPlanetary Afterparty, hosted by CURRENTS New Media 2019. Admission is FREE from 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm, so head over to experience the 10th anniversary CURRENTS New Media Festival Installation, enjoy a live musical performance by local DJ […]

Innovations and Ideas Expo

As part of the InterPlanetary Festival, the Innovations & Ideas Expo features interactive and experiential booths with participants from academia, to AR/VR, to biotechnology. June 15th & 16th from 12-6PM, in the Expo Tent! Participating Booths InterPlanetary Podcast Stage - Some of the best science-oriented Podcasts will be recording episodes live from the Expo Podcast […]

Area 21 Beer Garden

The Area 21 Beer Garden is a new addition to the InterPlanetary Festival, and will be your one-stop-shop for an array of different beers, wines, and ciders. As the name suggests, the Beer Garden is 21+ and requires a valid I.D. to enter – so don’t forget your wallet at home! Vendors within the Garden are: Second […]

*CANCELED* Emergent Engineering Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

Humans still struggle to engineer complex systems. Our position is that the engineering premise is fatally flawed when it comes to complexity and that we need a new paradigm. This week explores the ideas needed to inform this paradigm shift. Existing biological interventions offer some clues regarding necessary elements for such a framework. Like neuroprosthetics and […]

*CANCELED* Astrobiology and Life Detection Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

The origin of life on Earth remains a hotly contested question among scientists. Maybe life began in the depths of the ocean, or with an electric spark, or in a small pond that repeatedly dried. Perhaps the answer to this question will be found through our understanding of the role that RNA played in the […]

*CANCELED* Motion & Energy Technology Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

The theme of Motion & Energy Technology is all about how we get to wherever we're going. What fuel sources will propel us? Would InterPlanetary travel require a fundamentally new technology? How would these technologies affect the transportation roadmap here on Earth? Will the spaceship of the future actually be a space-city, complete with trees […]

*CANCELED* Architecture, Cities & Scale Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

The theme of cities, scaling, and sustainability is focused on organizational and dynamical aspects of biological and societal organizations, from our bodies, to our businesses, to our cities. This week brings together urban planners, economists, sociologists, anthropologists, and complex systems theorists with the aim of exploring the general scaling patterns in urban infrastructure and dynamics […]

*CANCELED* Martian Outpost Design Charrette

To Be Determined Santa Fe, NM

Closed meeting leading up to the InterPlanetary Festival "Architecture, Cities, and Scale" Panel, where participants will plan and design a functional Martian Outpost.

*CANCELED* Autonomous Ecosystems Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

Humans are resilient, but are we resilient enough to jump the hurdles of longterm survival -- both on our planet and beyond? What can we learn about creating sustainable environments from the evolution of life on our planet, and can we apply those lessons to creating a self-sustaining system on other planets? What can we […]

*CANCELED* Time Design Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

The concept of time pervades everything that we know about the physical and biological universe. However, adaptive phenomena cannot be trivially reduced to the simple timescale of physics and chemistry. In adaptive systems, aging is explicitly viewed as a consequence of information gain (adaptation) and information loss (entropy). The Santa Fe Institute's research, along with […]

*CANCELED* Intelligent Systems & Cognitive Design Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

We are living in an age obsessed with intelligent systems. All walks of life are being transformed by machine learning, by software platforms that amplify human ability to manipulate mathematics and statistics, by the availability of Massive Open Online Courses, and by unprecedented access to data and collective insights through networks like Wikipedia and Stack […]

*CANCELED* Planetary Policy, Law & Regulation Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe, NM

The theme of Planetary Policy, Law, and Regulation encompasses not only the laws society is governed by, but also the laws with which planets are governed by. What would the best extraterrestrial governmental system be, and how would it relate to the systems still on Earth? What can the regulation of terrestrial ecosystems and beings […]

*CANCELED* InterPlanetary Constitutional Congress

To Be Determined Santa Fe, NM

Closed meeting on the topic of "Planetary Policy, Law, and Regulation" where invited participants will explore the creation of a Constitution for the establishment of a new planet. This week's programming is generously brought to you by Jennifer & Bryan Murphy.