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*CANCELED* Architecture, Cities & Scale Week

Railyard Plaza 1612 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe

The theme of cities, scaling, and sustainability is focused on organizational and dynamical aspects of biological and societal organizations, from our bodies, to our businesses, to our cities. This week […]

*CANCELED* Martian Outpost Design Charrette

To Be Determined Santa Fe

Closed meeting leading up to the InterPlanetary Festival "Architecture, Cities, and Scale" Panel, where participants will plan and design a functional Martian Outpost.

*CANCELED* Moebius (1996)

Violet Crown 1606 Alcaldesa Street, Santa Fe

Specially introduced screening of Moebius, a 1996 Argentine science fiction film directed by Gustavo Mosquera and starring Guillermo Angelelli, Roberto Carnaghi and Annabella Levy. It is based on the classic short story A Subway Named Mobius, […]