2019 Musical Performances

InterPlanetary Festival performances are co-presented by Amp Concerts

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Musical performance by Santa Fean “Tone Ranger” (AKA Alex Simon), dance music that embodies the magnetic and supernatural beauty of the American Southwest. Blending deep house rhythms with ethereal instrumentation (lap steel, harmonica, whistling, voice), he has earned a reputation as one of the region’s most original and sought-after live electronic acts.

Lindy Vision is an indie-rock band comprised of three Black Native sisters. The band is comprised of Dorothy (Dee Dee)- vocals/lyrics/synth, Natasha (Na)-guitar/vocals, and Carla-drummer/beat maker/synth. The band who has been described as a “female Devo” with hints of M.I.A., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Santigold, is releasing their newest album, “Adult Children Part 1,” and embarking on the Adult Children Tour to share their music with the world. Lindy Vision promises to blow their fans’ mind with an electric set and songs off their new album.

With an extensive and amazing track record of unique and imaginative performances featuring his curious instrument and copious amounts of originality, Mike Silverman (a.k.a. That1Guy) has set himself apart as a true one-of-a-kind talent that rivals any other artist currently in the entertainment industry. Averaging 150-200 shows a year all over North America and Canada, he has been a consistent favorite at such festivals as: Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Big Day out, All Good, Bella, High Sierra, Summer Meltdown, Montreal Jazz Festival, and many more. He was also the ʻTap Water Awardʼ winner at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for best musical act. His legendary collaboration and multiple tours with Buckethead as The Frankenstein Brothers has further cemented his virtuoso story as a creative visionary as well.

Silvermanʼs backstory is very similar to many musicians that have come before him. He grew up a self-proclaimed music geek, soaked in the influence of his jazz musician father, and enrolled in San Francisco Conservatory of Music before joining the local jazz scene himself as a sought-after percussive bassist. This is where the similarities end, though, and where That1Guy truly began. “In my case, being a bass player, I just felt very restricted by the instrument itself,” he says. “Iʼve always wanted to sound different and have my own sound. I was headed that way on the bass, but for me to fully realize what I was hearing in my head sonically I was going to have to do it my way”. His influential and innovative double bass style eventually evolved into what we see today as That1Guy and ʻThe Magic Pipeʼ.

As his story continues to develop, Billboard has famously noted, “In the case of Mike Silvermanʼs slamming, futuristic funk act… the normal rules of biology just donʼt apply.”


Lauded as one of today’s most unique musical-performance groups. With a driving drum corps battery, taiko drummers, an arsenal of electronics including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and other custom-made sonic devices, itchy-O completely engulfs an audience from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera, and spectacle. The group disrupts traditional performance protocols with a form of chaos that unifies spectators and audiences with a powerful and immersive musical experience that features elaborate costumes, large-scale puppets, teams of provocateurs, and SpFX engineers. Drawing inspiration from many cultures – Japanese Taiko drumming to Chinese Lion dancing, Mexican street processions, ancient esoteric symbolism and American drum corps, itchy-O offers a transcendental musical experience that dissolves the divide between performer and spectator. Itchy-O performances awaken the senses, test assumptions, and create an opening for new experiences where identity and boundaries surrender and disband.

Itchy-O was selected to act as a centerpiece at MONA’s world renowned Dark MOFO fest in Tasmania in 2016, has played with David Byrne & St. Vincent, and performed at Riot Fest with Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, and Public Enemy. They have headlined the Denver Center for Performing Art’s Hallowmass and are the darlings of Austin’s prestigious film festival, Fantastic Fest, performing there three years in a row. They have opened for DEVO, Beats Antique, The Melvins and have been featured on Colorado Public Radio (CPR), Openair, KGNU’s After FM. They have also performed at The Biennial of the Americas, Tucson’s All Souls Festival, Scoutmob’s Halloween bash in Atlanta, Austin’s Art Outside, Adobe’s Effective UI, and toured the US six years in a row.

Itchy-O is also committed to providing spectacular free public performances in the spirit of challenging predictable mediocrity and delights in delivering engaging and mesmerizing art to the streets by providing spontaneous musical encounters in non-traditional settings for unsuspecting audiences through these guerilla-type performances organized clandestinely with participating locations.

Lost Aliens are a group that follows a vision of peace and unity for humanity, and sharing that message through music. Blending ambient atmospheres with electric psych-rock trance dances, Lost Aliens are here on earth to provide a fresh sonic journey fueled by love.

The Sticky is a live funk collective from Santa Fe New Mexico consisting of creative artists at the top of their craft. Their mission is to use the essential tools of layered harmonies, killer horns, heavy grooves, and subsonic motion to assist all in ascending from the hips.  40 years of Revolutionary Funk & Soul anthems as well as Evolutionary originals are delivered with Funky Diva Realness, Tribal Tightness, and a Dedication to the Preservation of the P!

The Sticky Live Funk is a vibrant part of the current Neo-Funk Revival, helping to save this world from its funklessness.

Vernon T. Williams (Peter Williams)……….Musical Director, Guitar, Vocals

Amy Lindquist……………………………….Vocals, Percussion

Keith Fallis……………………………………Drums, Vocals

Angela Gabriel……………………………….Percussion. Vocals

Dylan Pettigrew………………………………Trombone,  Vocals

Njaveva Bingana…………………………….Trumpet, Vocals

Daniel Mench-Thurlow………………………Bass Guitar